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How Can DigiFox Studios Help My Business?

What Does DigiFox Have To Offer?

DigiFox Studios has a well-earned reputation for being a collaborative and innovate partner with several businesses in the city of Cape Coral, and surrounding counties. Specializing in marketing, and publicity work, we are familiar with the unique challenges inherent in this landscape.


DigiFox Studios works with industry standard, and leading programs, such as:


Studio One 3. (A Leader In Audio Production)

Clip Studio Ex. (The Industry Standard For Comic Books)

SketchBook Pro. (The Industry Standard For Illustrations)

Celtx. (The Industry Standard For Script Writing)

And Many More!


If that is not enough for you, you may be happy to know that in order to work at DigiFox Studios, you must be experienced and excel at the entire Adobe Suite! That's right, our artist excel with such programs as:


Photoshop. (For Nearly Everything In Advertising)

Illustrator. (For All Logo Designs)

Animate. (For Nearly All Web Commercials And Banners)

After Effects. (For All Special Effects)

Premiere Pro. (For All Video Editing)

Audition. (For Nearly all Audio Editing)

In-Design. (For Nearly All Web Design)

And More.


Multi-Media, Multi-purpose!

Our Limit, Is Your Imagination.

Can You Imagine It?

Are you looking for professionalism for your next big project?


Do you want dynamic cinematics for your business website?


Need eye-catching graphics for your mobile app?


DigiFox Studios specializes in multi-media production for the web, including mobile, PC, and emerging technologies. We are well known for our concept development, story consulting, cinematics, audio productions, video trailers, and social media assets.


Audio Dramas are our specialty! Having produced over 10 seasons, 100 episodes and counting, in under 18 months of our original series: The Blood Drawn Chronicles, which as to date has over 500,000 total plays!



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& Mascots

Business Cards &



& Posters

Brochures &



Vehicle Wrap

Banners &


Door Hangers &




Slide Show

Custom Jingles

Greeting Cards

Business Slogans

Training Videos

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 get an album cover!

Front & Back $60

Front Only $40

Art is our thing here at DigiFox Studios! You may not be able to draw, but sure can! Let us show you just what we can do. 

OR CALL (239) 384-2813 

 get a poster/banner!

Multiple Art $99

Single Character Art $40

We make promotional posters, and we make them good! Enough said. Don't believe us? Put us to the test with your poster today. 

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