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The blood drawn chronicles

Audio Drama

An "Audio Drama" set in 1690! Earth is secretly ruled by the creatures of the night known as, the Vampires. One man, not born of this world, defies both the laws of the living, and the undead alike. To vampires, his presence threatens the very sanctity of what draws them together.

nocturnal disney podcast

Talk Show

IT'S A DISNEY SHOW! I talk about everything Disney. Parks, movies, television, apps, music, whatever. I know when I get back from a Disney trip I want to talk about all the stuff I did, the things I ate, the rides I rode, speculate on upcoming things for the parks and movies. If you think that that sounds like fun, then this is the right show for you!

ironclad reviews podcast

Talk Show

Hi everyone! Mike and Brice here from DigiFox Studios! Boy do we love podcasts, specially, Audio Dramas. But, with so many of them out there, which ones should you listen to, and which should you avoid? We may not have the answer, but we do have our opinions! Join us as we review the audios dramas that we find ourselves listening to as we go about our daily lives.

the black hearted mr. white

Audio Drama

Claire Summers, a young agent working for a secret U.S. government agency, finds herself way over her head when she is tasked with interviewing six "very" unique individuals.


Claire is given six days to interview these six individuals, who tell their version of a grand tale taking place in the roaring 20s, which she proudly names, Case File 17101118: The Black Hearted Mr. White.

grimm story nights

Audio Drama

Coming Soon! 

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