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Let Yourself Be Heard!

From Talk Shows To Audio Dramas, We Offer It All At A Reasonable Price!

Podcasting is the core of DigiFox Studios, so as fellow podcasters, we know how difficult it can be to start a show. Professional sound quality can make or break a show. Finding the ability to create a stunning production can be both costly, and demanding... until now.


One of the biggest difficulties one will find when starting up, is the flexibility factor. You need a recording studio that not only offers you what a recording studio should offer (like quality recording) but also offers flexible timing, so you can better schedule your show to your timely satisfaction.


Multiple recordings at once is a hassle all to itself, especially if you plan to have more than one host, or special guests popping in from time to time. At DigiFox Studios, we are more than prepared to handle that kind of demand.


Our recording room is more than capable of seating 3 people specifically for prolonged periods. With a maximum capacity for 6 individuals, there's hardly a live show we can't handle.


From our own experience, we've found that the most predominant factor that hinders most creative people from unleashing their potential, is the price.


Let's face it, to be good, you gotta have talent, but to be great, you gotta have the budget... and that's where we come in.


Most studios offer time slots where you are given an hour to record. However, if your show only required you to record for 70 minutes and that's it, you are still charged another full hour, regardless of the 50 minutes remaining.


If you're a podcaster, that does not apply with us. Here at DigiFox Studios, if your show took 70 minutes to record, you are credited the remaining 2 hours and 50 minutes for the extended period of 30 days from purchase of your initial purchase date, if you purchase the 4 hour bundle for just $95!


What this means is that if you recorded those 70 minutes on say "the 13th of June, you still have 2 hours and 50 minutes left of recording time with us that you can reschedule until the 13th of the following month.


To makes things further sweet, an hour of recording time for podcasters at DigiFox Studios is only 25 an hour.


Apart from "Flexible Recording Hours" and affordable prices, we also offer:


Host Management Services.

Custom Show Covers.

Tailored Promos.

Weekly Web Shout Outs.

Network Advertising.

Custom Merchandise Designs.

Custom Posters.


Got a Talk Show in mind? Let's make it happen today! 

Per Hour $25

4 Hours $95

 start your own Talk show!

OR CALL (239) 384-2813 

Whether it be a Radio Show or an Audio Drama, We got what you need to make it happen! 

Per Hour $25

4 Hours $95

 start your audio drama!

OR CALL (239) 384-2813 

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So You Think You Can Sing?

Perfect! Let's Make It Happen!

DigiFox Studios is a full-service creative studio made up of highly skilled animators, illustrators, artists, compositors, producers, musicians, and directors... and if singing is your thing, We're the studio for you.




Whether you're looking to sing or play, we offer the appropriate accommodations that meet your needs. 

Per Hour $45

4 Hours $120

record your first song!

OR CALL (239) 384-2813 

Perhaps you have a story to tell the world. Perhaps you have book you want to record. Perhaps you just want to hear your voice.

Per Hour $35

4 Hours $99

express yourself!

OR CALL (239) 384-2813 

Can't Draw?

We can!

DigiFox Studios is a full-service creative studio made up of highly skilled animators, illustrators, artists, compositors, producers, musicians, and directors... We can make your next album cover or your next promotional poster. We offer a variety of different art styles to help compliment your vision. Don't believe us? Check out our artwork for yourselves down below!



We make promotional posters and album covers, and we make them good! Enough said. Don't believe us? Put us to the test with your poster and/or album cover today. 

Starting As Low As $40

 get a poster/album cover!

OR CALL (239) 384-2813 

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