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The Blood Drawn Chronicles

The Blood Drawn Chronicles is a DigiFox Studios original audio drama series.


Set in 1690, Earth is secretly ruled by the creatures of the night known as, the Vampires. One man, not born of this world, defies both the laws of the living, and the undead alike. To vampires, his presence threatens the very sanctity of what draws them together.



"Once I started I couldn't stop listening! This is one of the best if not the best vampire series I've heard in a long time. I recommend everyone take their time to listen you wont be disappointed. I promise!!!"


Stitcher ( 5 stars )

Well researched and refreshingly un-assuming. Finally, a series devoted to a man vs vampires and he is here to take care of business and is totally awesome!!!! Definitely will be a must-follow series. The main character is suspenseful, serious and clever. Trust me you will not be disappointed!


iTunes ( 5 stars )

Haven't seen narrative-style podcast about vampires yet but this is great, engaging show. Highly recommended


iTunes ( 5 stars )

Story telling is an art and this is A+ at accomplishing that

Pocket Park

iTunes ( 5 stars )

DigiFox did a great job with this podcast. The sound editing is out of this world and the story is actually incredibly entertaining. They have great voice acting and a fantastic premise for a story. I really enjoyed learning about The Vampies and this entire universe. Great work!

Film Roast Podcast

iTunes ( 5 stars )

If you haven't listened to The Blood Drawn Chronicles yet, DO IT! Each episode is only about 15 minutes, and OMG does it capture you!

David Adkins


Just finished 2 episodes of Season 1.. have to say.. This Stuff is actually Great.. howcome never heard of it before.. Excellent work guys.. 
1 small suggestion.. little background music behind dialog would be great..
But still............... I have to say this is like the 2nd best non-scify show that i actually bookmarked. Impressed!!!

Arbab Ali


Cast list for our first series titles: The Blood Drawn Chronicles Part 1, The Manuscripts Of A Valipir.

Nelson Ventura

Voice of Myrick

What can we say? No one else can play Myrick Myerson the way Nelson Ventura does it!

Ivana Manzo

Voice of Alannah Olora

With her bubbly personality and cutesy voice, Ivana Manzo was our only choice to play the elf with the gentle voice to sooth the cold heart of the Hellborn Prince.

Richard Manzo

Voice of Woodrow Carley

No one! Absolutely no one! Could play everyone's favorite dwarf vampire, Woodrow Carley, like Richard Manzo. Putting his own charisma and charm into the character, Richard has turned this once side character, into a growing icon.

Sterling Tourville

Voice of... (too many to list)

When it comes to diversity, no one is more talented and funner to work with, then Sterling Tourville. A master of accents, Sterling ways delivers... even on Sundays.

Paul Roberts

Voice of Horde King / Jasper Lee

When it comes to villains, no one channels their dark side quite like Paul. His performances are so perfect, that at times, we are in shock with his one-take talent.

Alexandra Lincoln

Voice of Rosephine / Bella

When it comes to natural spunk and emotional direction, no one does it quite like Alex.  

Paul Kalugdan

Voice of Rapahel / Gianni Gallo

Every one starts off somewhere. For us here at DigiFox Studios, it's Paul Kalugdan. Paul was our first ever voice actor back before DigiFox was even thought of. Nothing but talent, from voice acting to music, you can always find Paul behind a mic. Check out his band @ https://soundcloud.com/stepsofodessa

Alyssa Kalugdan

Carina Gallo

There is no voice actress with the power to scream quite like Alyssa Kalugdan. No matter what role you give her, Alyssa will always walk into the studio and give 110 percent. 

Chelsie Brugger

Voice of Camilla Valentine

There is no one funnier to work with that will have you rolling on the floor laughing, more than Chelsie Brugger. Her hobbies include not only voice acting, but cosplaying as well. To put it simply, Chelsie's bunches of talents rolled into one. Check out her cosplay work @ https://www.facebook.com/HellcatsCosplay

Jerri-Lynne Clayton

Voice of The Duchess

There's never a dull moment when Jerri-Lynne steps in to record. With her stellar no-nonsense attitude, it's become fact! No one else can play the Duchess of Pembrook!

Brice Bankard

Voice of Dr. Crawly

When Brice comes into the studio, it's down to business. It's all work and no play, but tons of fun to collaborate with this guy. Aside from being a talented voice actor, Brice hosts his own podcast series centered around his love for Disney. If you think you love Disney as much as this guy, check out his podcast @ http://directory.libsyn.com/shows/view/id/thenocturnaldisneypodcast

William Jensen

Voice of Kid Myrick

He may be young, but he has the talent that most adult voice actors wished they had. When he steps into the studio, he may be nervous at first, but all that goes away quick, and out comes the actor in him.

Michael Bradley

Writer of the series

Michael writes... a lot.

Daniel Kline

Director of the series

Many people ask us: why is your series so good? The answer is simple... Daniel Kline. As project director, Daniel oversees each episode before it's handed to the actors, and insures that the lines are said the way they're suppose to be. Michael may be the heart of the project, but Daniel is it's eyes; making sure everything is done to perfection.

Lord Saunders

Editor of the series

The man responsible for the mastering of the the episodes you enjoy... the master of waves (sound waves)... the one... the only... Lord Saunders. With out him, The Blood Drawn Chronicles wouldn't sound as great as it does. Thank you Adam, for all your help and support with this production.

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